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Standard Wild Bird Food

Standard Wild Bird Food (20 kg)

Although this wild bird food is our entry level mix it is in no way compromised in quality. This is a low wheat mix containing a high proportion of small seeds.
From only £14.99
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Spring/Summer Essential Mix

Spring/Summer Essential Mix (12.75kg)

Wild birds have to work extremely hard in spring and summer, and they easily get tired and stressed. This new mix combines all the correct seeds for hard-working adult birds. It gives the right nutrients and proteins for high-quality egg production and will aid the development of skeletal and tissue growth in fledglings along with the building up of the immune system.
Was £22.50 Now £19.99
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Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds

Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds (20 kg)

We only supply top-quality bakery grade sunflower hearts. This is the best bit of the sunflower seed; all the goodness without the debris of the husks, making this seed popular with both humans and birds alike.
From only £25.99
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Niger Seed

Niger Seed (25kg)

Niger seed attracts goldfinches and tits quickly. It has tonic-releasing properties and is terrifically oil-rich, which is just what goldfinches are looking for. Feeding these all-year-round is a proven way to help increase the numbers of goldfinches and tits in your garden.
From only £49.50
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Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms (1 kg)

Dried mealworms are a natural high-vitamin and -protein food source for wild garden birds. To the common garden bird they are quite a delicacy and will attract all types of birds. In particular they are a favourite of wrens, robins and tits. If you have never fed this item before give it a try and you will be amazed at the birds it will attract.
Was £19.50 Now £14.50
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Superior Fat Balls 83g - No Nets

Superior Fat Balls 83g - No Nets (100 pcs)

Fat balls are a great source of energy and the birds will flock around these high-quality little gems. Supplied individually wrapped for freshness.
Was £24.99 Now £22.50
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