Bird Feeders – 5 Great Tips

Feeding wild birds began in the late 1800’s when national newspapers in Britain published a request to put out food for birds when the country was struck by harsh winters. Here are 5 great tips for finding bird feeders:

  1. Find a reliable UK supplier of quality wild bird food and seed products, ensuring it conforms to the Bird Care Standards Association guidelines.
  2. Choose a company that cares about its customers. Ask to see testimonials from satisfied customers for both service and delivery.
  3. Choose a company that has been in business for several years and understands its product and can advise.
  4. When you buy wild bird food, make sure the company can help you target feeds for different kinds of birds at the same time and that the seeds are fresh.
  5. A good supplier of wild bird seed will offer you the best wild bird seed bulk packages with free delivery so that you are able to attract as many birds as you like.

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