Attract wild birds to your garden not the unwanted Squirrel visitors

A problem faced by most bird feeding enthusiasts is the fact that most wild bird food options tend to attract a little more than our feathered friends. It is not uncommon to see chipmunks and squirrels enjoying a nutty snack on your garden when you were expecting birds to show up. Most of the time, wild bird food mixtures are responsible in attracting all sorts of unwanted furry visitors such as field mice and even hedgehogs. The contents of most wild bird seed mixes include peanuts, bits of dried fruit and corn to which these little creatures are attracted to.

What you need to do is not to change what you serve the birds. For instance, mealworms do tend to attract hedgehogs but they are also a much favoured delicacy among most species of wild birds. If you stop serving meal worms, the birds may not come to your garden as often as you like. Therefore, the solution is not to change the food but to change the way you serve the food.

Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes. They also come ideally designed to serve specific kinds of bird food to specific species of birds. The idea is to maximise access to wild birds and to minimise access to all of those uninvited diners. When you are shopping for bird feeders make sure to seek for those that are made specifically to repel anything other than the birds. Tray feeders that are positioned well above the ground can serve mealworms without attracting hedgehogs. As for bird seed, why not consider seed dispensers or tube feeders to prevent squirrels and chipmunks from stealing the seeds? These tube feeders are only accessible to bird beaks and are idea when it comes to preventing wastage as well.

Neighbourhood cats would also be very much attracted to your garden if you have birds visiting. In order to prevent your bird filled garden from being a feathery buffet to your cat, make sure to position bird feeders in well enclosed and hard to reach areas. This way, you will be able to continue feeding and watching the birds without ever worrying about predators or scavengers.

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