Bird feeding: the overlooked facts

There are a large number of people who enjoy the hobby of attracting and feeding birds in their own gardens. Apart from the provision of bird food, bird watchers also need to be aware of how they can make their garden a safe place for visiting birds. However, not all of these people are aware of the many overlooked matters that can have a massive effect on the number of birds that visit your garden and their health.

For instance, most people tend to simply scatter the bird seeds on their lawns. While this is definitely a great way to attract birds, it is not exactly the best way. There is never a guarantee that the birds will always finish their daily allocation of wild bird seed. Sometimes, they will leave some uneaten seeds behind. If you serve your seeds on the ground, the uneaten seeds will accumulate over time and create a mess that will eventually drive the birds away. So, what is the solution? Bird feeders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will allow you to serve any kind of bird seed or other food without having to worry about leftovers putrefying your lawn.

While bird feeders are a great way to serve your bird food in style, unless they are kept clean, they also have a possibility of becoming a breeding ground for all sorts of contagions. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you clean your bird feeders at least once a week to make sure that your feathery friends are safe from disease. In addition, always remembering to place your bird feeders well above the ground is a good way of ensuring the safety of your bird visitors as well as the food you serve them.

While placing food will definitely attract birds, if you can provide some water for them to drink and to clean themselves, that will also be highly appreciated by regularly visiting birds. Installing a bird bath would be an ideal solution to allow the birds to drink and bathe in your own yard. However, bird baths are also capable of spreading disease. This is why you should also pay attention to keeping them clean and filled with fresh water at all times.

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