What You Need To Know About Mealworms

The larval form of the mealworm beetle, the mealworm is a delicacy for many different types of birds. Serving mealworms is a sure-fire way to attract birds to your garden. There are two different variations of mealworms available in the market; live mealworms and dried mealworms.

It is common belief that live mealworms work better than the dried version when it comes to attracting birds. This belief does have a certain amount of truth in it. As birds tend to feed on live worms in their natural habitat, they will be much more partial to the live version of mealworms. However, if the quality of the dried mealworms is good the birds won’t reject them.

If you are hoping to attract a variety of different birds in to your garden, mealworms are the best option as it is favoured by a surprisingly large number of bird species. For some people, the idea of keeping a can full of writhing live worms may not paint a desirable picture. But, they don’t have to completely give up the idea of attracting birds as good quality dried mealworms will do the trick just as well.

In order to buy good quality dried mealworms, you may want to familiarize yourself with the appearance of the live version. Commercially available live mealworms are often light brown in colour and grow up to a length of two centimetres. When it comes to good quality dried mealworms, they should also be of the same colouring and not appear blackened and shrivelled. Crushed, shrunken and broken mealworms will not be appealing to many birds as they will be visually unappealing for them.

The great thing about mealworms is the fact that you can feed them to all kinds of pets. For people who keep reptiles as pets, mealworms would be ideal to feed the likes of iguanas. As for fish lovers, certain fish species also feed on mealworms.

If you are targeting birds, the best way to serve this nutrition packed snack would be to serve it in a bird feeder positioned well above the ground where you will not attract animals such as hedgehogs. If you keep on serving the meals regularly, you will find birds lining up at your yard every day.

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