Wild Bird Seeds and Grains

Birds have different preferences when it comes to bird food. Having many types of bird food in your garden, you can attract a large amount of birds. Bird seeds are undoubtedly the most widely used bird food today. There are so many types of bird seeds and people use them separately or in combination with several other types of seeds. Mixtures of bird food including rice, oats, rapeseed, corn and canary, that are often sold very cheaply by some stockists, are better avoided as they might harm wild birds.

So let’s talk about bird food that’s really healthy for birds. Sunflower hearts is a very common bird food. Many newcomers to the hobby of bird feeding prefer using bird seeds because for many birds, they find these seeds a delightful treat. They are high in energy and are a favourite among of a lot of seed eating birds. Woodpecker, Goldfinches, Pine Grosbeaks, Chickbeads and Grackles are among such seed eating birds.

Another popular seed is the niger seed which is also called the thistle. With its origin in Nigeria as the name would imply, these are very rich in calories, oil and energy. Birds like Common Redpoll, Pine Siskin and American Goldfinch find this niger seed preferable mainly because they are small and very easy to swallow. There is also the safflower seed which is very rich in fat and protein.

Another ingredient that is found in a lot of seed mixes is millet. Millet is a very small and round grain. This seed is therefore ideal for ground feeding birds like Sparrows and Juncos. Milo seed is reddish and round, though very cheap in price, it’s not advisable to give large amounts of these in seed mixtures; it won’t prove to be a winner dish for your feathered friends. Corn can be used as a very economical solution in feeding birds like wild turkeys, Jays and ducks.

Most bird lovers who practice bird feeding as a hobby use readily available seed mixes. We, at Wild Bird Direct, have an excellent range of top quality, great value seeds and bird food varieties available online. Simply leave them on platform feeders, on the ground or on window sills for a highly pleasurable pastime.

Always make sure that you check the ingredients list of the mixture you are purchasing to attract the right birds. If you can’t find a ready made mixture to suit, then you can make your own mixture using separate seeds. We’re here to help you make sure you give the absolute best to the birds that visit your garden.

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