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Welcome to Wild Bird Food Direct

We are the leading UK supplier of quality wild bird food & wild bird seed products. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and offer only the best which passes the Bird Care Standards Association guidelines. Don't just take our word for it. Check out what our customers have been saying about our Customer Service and our Deliveries

Feeding wild birds started out in the late 1800's when national newspapers in Britain published a request to put out food for birds when the country was struck by harsh winters. By the early 1900's the practice of feeding birds had evolved in to the status of a national pastime. Nowadays, just about anyone can join the vast community of bird feeders and bird enthusiasts armed with some cheap wild bird seed and a bit of patience to enjoy the company of these lovely feathered creatures.

If you are an aspiring bird watcher with a desire to learn more about birds or a bird enthusiast with a yearning to make a few flying friends, you need to start by finding out a quality supplier of wild bird food in the UK to get started. When you buy them you need to always make sure that you target feeds for different kinds of birds at the same time.

When it comes to selecting high quality online wild bird food suppliers, Wild Bird Direct is the first place that springs to mind. We have been in the business since 2009 and are considered to be one of the best wild bird seed suppliers.

Birds are attracted to places where they are able to find good food. The main qualities you need to look for in the many different varieties of seeds for sale include the type of seed and the freshness. If the birds develop a liking for the food that you provide for them, they will keep coming back. As a dedicated birdwatcher, it is necessary to always keep those bird feeders full of meals to avoid your birds from flying away in disappointment. It is a wise move to always buy bird seed in bulk to make sure that you never run out unexpectedly and what better place is there to find quality bird food in wholesale quantities and the cheapest prices, than on our website? At Wild Bird Direct, we offer you the best bulk packages with free delivery so that you are able to attract as many birds as you like.

Bird experts believe that the most economic way to maintain a steady bird feeding pattern is to purchase larger packages of wild bird food. For instance, a 20kg sack will last longer and be cheaper in the long run than a smaller one and will make keeping track of refilling feeding trays easier while offering you a higher level of convenience. Our impressive range of wild bird seeds, mealworms, dried fruits and mixed seeds all come in packs of 10kg, 20kg, 25kg and 30kg packs to make sure that you will always have a stock of favourite snacks for your feathered companions. As for the prices, we supply the most popular types of bird food for the cheapest prices on the internet. Whilst our 20kg packages are extremely popular and will last you a long time, we also have bulk packages of suet, dried mealworms, insect pellets and berry pellets to attract those birds that are a little pickier in their eating habits.

We don't only provide supplies to bird enthusiasts. We also have bulk packages of bird seed to be used for wholesale purposes. Wild Bird Direct is truly the one stop internet shop for all of your bird food needs whether you are a budding bird watcher, a pet store owner or a farm owner with dozens of chickens to feed. As an added bonus, Wild Bird Direct also contains a wide range of innovative bird feeders to make sure that your birds can enjoy the best food in the UK comfortably and safely.

The reason Wild Bird Direct stand out & excel from the many online wild bird seed suppliers from all over the UK is the fact that our cheap wild bird food is always of the highest quality. We cater to all different types of birds and their varied nutritional needs and guarantee you that Wild Bird Direct is the perfect online shop to buy bird food as we make the rare combination of low price with high quality and freshness a real possibility.

So why not browse through our site to find out the many deals on the supplies we have to offer? As experienced suppliers we only have the freshest bird food to offer. Feel free to look through the many different bird feeding and bird watching accessories that we have to offer. Our online store truly is the bird enthusiasts paradise.

Featured Products

A selection of some of our online store featured products

Standard Wild Bird Food

Standard Wild Bird Food (25kg)

Although this wild bird food is our entry level mix it is in no way compromised in quality. This is a low wheat mix containing a high proportion of small seeds.
From only £22.50
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Superior Wild Bird Food - Husk Free (with Fruit)

Superior Wild Bird Food - Husk Free (with Fruit) (25kg)

Superior wild bird mix is low-wheat and has added fruit. A good all-round feed for garden birds, it is husk-free for easier eating.
From only £28.00
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Premium Wild Bird Food - Husk Free (with Suet)

Premium Wild Bird Food - Husk Free (with Suet) (25kg)

This premium wild bird seed is wheat free and husk free and has been enhanced with suet pellets for high energy.
From only £36.50
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Wild Bird Direct No Gro Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird Direct No Gro Wild Bird Food (25kg)

Wild Bird Direct No Gro Wild Bird Food has been specially formulated with all the favourite ingredients of the British garden bird population, this top of the range quality mix includes the most palatable items, sunflower hearts, peanuts and pinhead oatmeal.
From only £36.50
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Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds

Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds (20 kg)

We only supply top-quality bakery grade sunflower hearts. This is the best bit of the sunflower seed; all the goodness without the debris of the husks, making this seed popular with both humans and birds alike.
From only £25.99
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Wild Bird Finches Favourite

Wild Bird Finches Favourite (25kg)

Wild Bird Finches Favourite has been specifically blended to attract Finches to your garden.
Was £39.99 Now £37.50
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Spring/Summer Essential Mix

Spring/Summer Essential Mix (25kg)

Wild birds have to work extremely hard in spring and summer, and they easily get tired and stressed. This new mix combines all the correct seeds for hard-working adult birds. It gives the right nutrients and proteins for high-quality egg production and will aid the development of skeletal and tissue growth in fledglings along with the building up of the immune system.
Was £45.00 Now £39.99
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Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms (12.55kg)

Dried mealworms are a natural high-vitamin and -protein food source for wild garden birds. To the common garden bird they are quite a delicacy and will attract all types of birds. In particular they are a favourite of wrens, robins and tits. If you have never fed this item before give it a try and you will be amazed at the birds it will attract.
From only £129.99
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Superior Fat Balls 83g - No Nets

Superior Fat Balls 83g - No Nets (100+25 Free)

Fat balls are a great source of energy and the birds will flock around these high-quality little gems. Supplied individually wrapped for freshness.
From only £22.50
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Wild Bird Food Robin & Songbird Crumble

Wild Bird Food Robin & Songbird Crumble (25kg)

Wild Bird Food Robin & Songbird Crumble contains mealworms and nyjer seed and has a delicious crumble texture with highly palatable ingredients to attract the smaller birds.
From only £39.50
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Wild Robin Mix with Insects

Wild Robin Mix with Insects (25kg (2x12.75kg))

An exceptional recipe formulated specifically for wild robins, this is a special mix that includes insects and gammarus (crayfish). Designed for slender-beaked insect-eating birds.
Was £45.99 Now £45.00
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Standard Peanuts

Standard Peanuts (25kg)

Wild Bird peanuts - high in oils, these have a tremendous energy value and are a valuable food source. Aflotoxin tested.
From only £48.99
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Granulated Peanuts

Granulated Peanuts (25kg)

These bite-size peanut pieces are rich in essential oils and proteins. They are ideal for mixing with other foods to help increase nutritional content, or fed on their own. They are safe to feed all year round and are a real treat for a variety of birds.
Was £49.99 Now £44.00
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