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Abundance Wild Bird Seed Feeder

Item Code: 610201028
Material: Plastic
Height: 35cm


The Abundance feeder's huge 2.75kg. capacity is sure to keep hungry birds happy. The large, wide mouth tube is easy to fill, plus the unique hinged sides allow the feeder to readily open for easy cleaning.

The Abundance feeder is designed to allow you to Choose Your Birds by selecting which seed to serve and adjusting perch length to fit different sized birds.

Seed Selection:
All six feeding stations can be adjusted to accommodate mixed seed or Nyjer and our Stay Full Ports ensure that seed is evenly distributed, even when the seed gets low.

Adjustable Perches:
The perches adjust to give the little birds a chance! Being able to adjust the length of your perch lets you control who visits your feeder. Rule of thumb: A shorter perch discourages large, and often less desirable, birds.

  • 2.75kg capacity
  • 6 ports
  • Readily opens for easy cleaning
  • Wide opening for easy filling
  • Perches adjust
  • Ports adjust to serve any seed
  • Constant food at every port