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Allen & Page - Super Mixed Corn

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Allen & Page - Super Mixed Corn

Super Mixed Corn is a mixture of 70% Wheat with maize (Non GM), soya oil, peas, barley, oyster shell and grit that can be scattered as a treat to encourage a chickens natural foraging instinct, as hens love to peck and scratch in an outside environment. Super Mixed corn contains both carbohydrate and fibre calories that are digested by your chickens overnight, helping them to maintain and regulate their body temperatures, which is especially beneficial during the cold winter months.

Super Mixed corn should ideally be given to your poultry, after you have fed them either layers pellets or mash, to allow them to absorb the nutrients from the complete diet, before feeding them the corns, suitable for all types of poultry and fowl from 4 weeks of age.

Super Mixed corn is intended to be a complementary feeding stuff or scratch feed, that should should not account for more than 10% of your chickens total diet.

For optimal egg production from your laying hens, we suggest you feed no more than 20 grams per day or a egg cup full per laying chicken.

Feeding Guide:
The superior mixed corn treat for your birds should be Fed in the afternoon to help stop boredom

When to Feed:
From 4 weeks

Additional Information:
Fresh water and poultry grit should be available at all times.

Typical Analysis:
Oil 2.7% Protein 10.0% Fibre 3.5%


heather kenyon from stoke on trent
Date: 22/6/2013
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easy to order . Arrived on time and is a respected brand. Ducks don't seem too impressed with it yet though!

Customer from scarisbrick
Date: 22/6/2013
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Andrew Guppy from Sedgefield
Date: 17/7/2011
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good product and great price.