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Superior Fat Balls 83g - No Nets

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Packsize: 100 pcs

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Customer Rating

5 out of 5

Fat balls are naturally high in energy and a great attraction to all garden birds. These superior fat balls are of a very high quality, providing the required level of nutrition. Particularly loved by blackbirds, thrushes, robins, tits and sparrows, superior fat balls are supplied individually wrapped for freshness.

Customer from Aylesbury
Date: 5/8/2013
Customers Rating

This is better than the fat balls with nets!

Customer from MELKSHAM
Date: 22/6/2013
Customers Rating

Good quality fat balls, no nets and individually sealed.

Jill Matthews from Brighton
Date: 22/6/2013
Customers Rating

The birds really love these fat balls

Mick Hodgson from Bishop Auckland
Date: 22/6/2013
Customers Rating

Better without wrappers

Alan Thatcher from Harlow
Date: 22/6/2013
Customers Rating

Prefer without nets to put straight into feeder - good price

Stephen Griffiths from Whetstone
Date: 21/6/2013
Customers Rating

The sparrows love them when they can get a look in from the young starlings who have just learned to peck from the wire doughnut feeder.

Customer from Lewes
Date: 2/6/2012
Customers Rating

The quality is good. I would have preferred them not to be wrapped at all though

John Hill from Sittingbourne
Date: 30/5/2012
Customers Rating

Very good.

Brian Beverley from Lytham
Date: 29/5/2012
Customers Rating

Hold together ,easy to handle

Gillian Opie from Aberystwyth
Date: 28/7/2011
Customers Rating

Good product and would have been excellent except for some that were smashed on receipt.