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Fat Birder Nest Box

Item Code: 12016
Material: Wood
Height: 20cm


The Fat Birder Nest box is hand-made from the responsibly managed timber and treated from environmentally friendly wood preservatives making it a great ethical product. Designed for the Tit family, Tree Sparrows and Pied Flycatchers any one of those will be only to happy to take up residence in the well built stylish nest box. Also, by providing quality food, clean drinking water and good nesting facilities throughout the year you in your own mind that you are doing your very best to help the wild bird population thrive.

Entrance Size:

How to Set Up:
Place the nest box at least 1.5mtrs above the ground in a sheltered position not in direct sunlight and sheltered from the prevailing winds and rain.

Dimensions (approx.)
20cm x 20cm

Delivery time (approx.)
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