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Grass Nuts

Northern Crop Driers have been producing GRAZE-ON Grass Pellets for use in horse rations and general animal feeds for over 30 years.

Their 6mm diameter grass pellet is made from 100% natural, home grown grass that is flash dried then pelleted to lock in the important nutrients and preserve the fresh green colour and aroma. This blend is made up of the following grass types: Solid Hybrid Ryegrass, Donard Perennnial Ryegrass, Moy Perennial Ryegrass, Dovey Tall Fescue, Promesse Timothy.

In order to prevent too rapid a consumption we recommend that grass pellets should be fed with at least an equal volume of a bulky feed. Alternatively they may be soaked before feeding to form a mash.

Did You Know?
GRAZE-ON Grass Pellets are popular with owners of veteran horses as a forage substitute. Once soaked in water they break down into a mash that is ideal for horses with poor dentition.

Feeding Guide:
Light work: 10%-15% of bulk feed may be replaced with grass pellets, ie. 1 to 1.5kg
Medium work: Up to 25% grass pellets, ie. up to 2.25kg
Hard work: Up to 33% grass pellets, ie. up to 3kg

This is only a guide to feeding and will vary with the size, type and habits of the horse or pony.


Typical Analysis:
Protein: 16%
Oil: 3.5%
Fibre: 25%
Digestible Energy: 10-11 MJ/Kg
Approximate Dry Matter: 90%

Ingredients: Milled Grass