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Metal Fat Ball Feeder NFAS

Item Code: 62047
Height: 30 cm


Customer Rating

5 out of 5

High-energy fat ball feeder - this feeder has been specially designed to help you feed fat balls without the nylon netting; simply remove the fat balls from the nets and place them into the feeder. The base of this feeder is angled internally to help push the fat balls to the side so that every last piece can be fed. It is constructed from premium alloys for strength and durability and has a quick -elease base so cleaning is very easy.

There is also an optional stainless steel tray that can be easily fitted to this feeder.

Customer from Wisbech
Date: 13/12/2010
Customers Rating

They are just so smart - much better than mesh - and the birds can't pull them off the hanger if they get boisterous.

J S Roberts from Seaford
Date: 12/12/2010
Customers Rating

easy presentation to feeding birds value for money