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Natural Free Range Layers Meal

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Allen & Page - Natural Free Range Layers Meal

Provides a complete feed for free range hens, though fresh vegetables or mixed corn may still be fed in the afternoon as a treat.  This feed provides all the vitamins, minerals (including Calcium) and natural ingredients needed for a good sized egg with a natural golden yolk colour.

- Free from artificial yolk pigmenters
- Includes Omega 3 oils for healthier birds and better eggs

Feeding Guide:
Feed all year round, on a free access basis.   An average hens will eat 100-150g (4oz) per day.  As the hen's crop can only hold about 100g it is best to give grain or mixed corn separately, later in the day, or she will be unable to eat sufficient pellets or meal. Meal may be fed wet or dry, depending on preference.

When to Feed:
From point of lay (18-20 weeks onwards)

Additional Information:
Ideal For Laying Hens
Fresh water and poultry grit should be available at all times.

Typical Analysis:
Oil 4.8% Protein 16% Fibre 5.0%


Mairwen Guard from Westbury
Date: 24/3/2011
Customers Rating

I meant to order layers pellets so my fault! Bantems enjoy the meal anyway when I make it into a mash.