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Pin-Hole Niger Seed Feeder NFAS

Item Code: 62062
Height: 30cm


Customer Rating

5 out of 5

A new style in Niger Feeders offering full feeder access to the seed. The pin Hole design make this a true winner as the birds can feed at any level also with a number of clever design details for the utmost ease of cleaning and convenience of filling.

  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Strong squirrel-resistant design
  • Cast alloy lid and base
  • Metal Tube
  • Quick-release base for easy cleaning

  • There is also an optional stainless steel tray that can be easily fitted to this feeder.

    David Clark from Morpeth
    Date: 22/6/2013
    Customers Rating

    Well constructed piece of kit

    Alan Williamson from Haverfordwest
    Date: 22/6/2013
    Customers Rating


    Carol Dufour from Rochester
    Date: 21/6/2013
    Customers Rating

    Very good design - especially the no mess insert

    Date: 4/6/2012
    Customers Rating

    Very strong,well made item. Saving pounds on wasted seed.

    John Graham from Oxford
    Date: 17/7/2011
    Customers Rating

    good product

    Customer from Crieff
    Date: 16/7/2011
    Customers Rating

    The birds love the feeder but there are just too many holes I think as full seeds fall out all the time and get lost among the debris in the tray. i think it is rather an expensive way to feed the birds!

    hannah morley from tipton st john
    Date: 14/12/2010
    Customers Rating

    good quality and easy to use

    JULIE BOND from Launceston
    Date: 13/12/2010
    Customers Rating

    the birds love it and no longer have to fight to get their food-very well made product

    Customer from Derby
    Date: 12/12/2010
    Customers Rating

    Excellent quality and design. Just waiting for the birds to adjust to a new type of feeder

    Bernard Bugler from Holme-upon-Spalding Moor
    Date: 1/11/2010
    Customers Rating

    Really tough vessel which also makes seed accessible for several birds at a time. Much better design than previous feeder I bought