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Pigeon Conditioner - Bucktons

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Packsize: 20kg


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High in essential oils. Maintains peak condition. Selection of specialist seeds. Aniseed aroma attractive to birds. Also referred to as 'Trapping Mix' and assists birds health in moulting season. Use all year round.

Red Dari, Wheat, White Dari, Linseed, naked Oats, Safflower Seed, Black Rapeseed, Mung Beans, White Rice, Buckwheat and Aniseed Flavouring.

Moisture 10.3%
Protein 13.8%
Fibre 5.8%
Ash 1.7%
Total Oil 10.1%
Total Sugar 2.7%
Starch 49.3%

lisa Tilley from warwick
Date: 4/6/2012
Customers Rating

Again, good fast delivery and our pigeons love it.

lisa Tilley from warwick
Date: 12/8/2011
Customers Rating

Our Fantail doves and pigeions love this food, it's the equivalent of chocolate to a woman

Mairwen Guard from Westbury
Date: 24/3/2011
Customers Rating

good clean seed, fresh, quality food

lesley sturrock from rainham
Date: 15/10/2010
Customers Rating

Very good product