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Spikes Relish Meaty Dinner Hedgehog Food

Item Code: 73006
Packsize: 100g

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A meaty treat, designed to be fed on its own or in combination with Spike's Dinner or Wildthings Hedgehog food.

Leaving out a suitable food, such as Spike's Dinner or Wildthings Hedgehog food, will help to encourage them to visit your garden; with their excellent sense of smell they can detect food at quite long distances. The traditional bread and milk is not a good idea as, although hedgehogs will tuck in and eat it, it can cause tummy upsets and diarrhoea. Hedgehogs enjoy peanuts but these should be fed crushed or as peanut granules (whole peanuts can lodge in the mouth and cause necrosis) and only in small amounts as large amounts over a period of time may cause brittle bone disease. Hedgehogs particularly need food and water in the autumn to build up their weight ready for hibernation and in the spring when they come out of hibernation and, also, during hot, dry spells in the summer when their natural prey is in short supply.

Donna Longstaff from Ashby de la Zouch
Date: 29/5/2012
Customers Rating

I feed this to about 4 hedgehogs that visit my garden as an extra treat along with some dried mealworms and hedgehog biscuits.