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Spring/Summer Essential Mix

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5 out of 5

Wild birds have to work extremely hard in spring and summer, and they easily get tired and stressed. This new mix combines all the correct seeds for hard-working adult birds. It gives the right nutrients and proteins for high-quality egg production and will aid the development of skeletal and tissue growth in fledglings along with the building up of the immune system.

Ingredients include:
sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, millet, groats, nyger seed, jap-type millet, oyster shell grit, milo, split maize, suet pellets with insects, suet pellets with berries, dried mealworms, vegetable oil and aniseed oil.

Alan Holroyd from Farnham
Date: 25/6/2013
Customers Rating

Birds love it !

Customer from Woking
Date: 23/6/2013
Customers Rating

Good mix. Ni wastage. Attracted a variety of birds.

geoffery Phillips from Brigg
Date: 22/6/2013
Customers Rating

birds seem to like it

Date: 22/6/2013
Customers Rating

New for me, But the birds think this is also 5*

Martin Calvert from Leeds
Date: 21/6/2013
Customers Rating

Seems to be quite popular so far.

Peter Watson from Henley on Thames
Date: 30/5/2012
Customers Rating

The birds do not like the small round seeds and leave them to be scattered beneath the feeders. All a bit messy.

Customer from Uttoxeter
Date: 29/5/2012
Customers Rating

The birds love it

Customer from Basingstoke
Date: 29/5/2012
Customers Rating

Good quality. Loads of different species love them

emma bates from Deal
Date: 29/5/2012
Customers Rating

This item was out of stock despite the website making it avaliable so it was replaced with song bird mix. I've marked the item 1 out of 5 as it wasn't what I wanted. I'd rather the webiste showed what wasn't in stock to prevent dissappointment

Lindsey Cooper from Scunthorpe
Date: 29/5/2012
Customers Rating

Birds are 'queing' on the wires outside my flat to be fed in the mornings, they ignore any bread that has been thrown down and argue over the mix!