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Squirrel Snack Box - Lift up Lid

Item Code: 63018
Material: Wood


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Giving squirrels their own source of food from their own specific feeder will deter them from stealing bird food and attacking bird feeders. The inclusion of squirrel food into your garden will also supplement a squirrel diet in times when natural food is scarce. it will also have the advantage of helping the already depleted species of red squirrels to prosper.

Squirrel antics also also great for the whole family to watch from afar, ensure you position your squirrel feeder near to a squirrels run and away from any bird feeds you may have. Re-fill your feeder regularly.

Installing your Squirrel Snack Box:
Site you Squirrel Snack Box near to an established squirrel run and away from any bird feeders.

Did you know?
The word squirrel comes from a Greek word which when translated means - tail casts a shadow.

Joanna Smith from Waterlooville
Date: 12/12/2010
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