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Stainless Steel Debris Tray (NFAS)

Item Code: 62053
Diameter: 20cm


Customer Rating

5 out of 5

Stainless steel self-draining debris tray with additional hook for daisy-chaining feeders together. This tray is suitable for all our NFAS type feeders.
Customer from Chipping Norton
Date: 22/6/2013
Customers Rating

Strong and easy to clean and the baby finches love sitting in it to eat the bits that ma and pa drop down. The babies eventually stand on the proper perches - but there is still plenty of room in the tray.

David Clark from Morpeth
Date: 22/6/2013
Customers Rating

Does what it is intended to do

Date: 4/6/2012
Customers Rating

Ideal to go with pin-hole feeder.

Customer from Crieff
Date: 16/7/2011
Customers Rating

The fit is a bit wobbly but I'm glad I bought it with the feeder or the loss of seed would have been terrible.

Customer from birmingham
Date: 24/3/2011
Customers Rating

all good

hannah morley from tipton st john
Date: 14/12/2010
Customers Rating

very useful just a bit fiddly to put on

Customer from Wisbech
Date: 13/12/2010
Customers Rating

It stops seeds falling onto my gravel.

J R Masters from Ferndown
Date: 12/12/2010
Customers Rating


Customer from Derby
Date: 12/12/2010
Customers Rating

Will help stop so much seed falling to the ground and sprouting!

William Busuttil from Heanor
Date: 12/11/2010
Customers Rating

They're big enough to catch most of the falling seeds and not too big.