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Sunflower Heart Feeder NFAS

Item Code: 62050
Height: 30cm


Customer Rating

5 out of 5

Sunflower hearts are all wild birds' favourite food and this sunflower heart feeder helps wild birds get the best they can. It is high quality, very functional and constructed from premium alloy. It has a quick-release base so cleaning is very easy. It is suitable for sunflower hearts, black sunflower and striped sunflower seeds.

There is also an optional stainless steel tray that can easily fit to this feeder.

Customer from Chalfont St Peter
Date: 17/7/2011
Customers Rating

Our gold finches love it - again free delivery this time

Customer from Ferndown
Date: 16/7/2011
Customers Rating

Good product, somewhat pricey though

Brenda Cossington from Newbury
Date: 25/3/2011
Customers Rating

All is very good

David Weston from Hornchurch
Date: 6/11/2010
Customers Rating

Good solid feeder at a good price

Janet Green from Spalding
Date: 30/10/2010
Customers Rating

I have never tried these before,but they seem to be proving quite popular especially with the Great Tits,great success.

Lorna Read from Hillingdon
Date: 28/10/2010
Customers Rating

Just right for seeds, and a good size.

Customer from Halifax
Date: 2/9/2010
Customers Rating

This was a replacement feeder for one I have had for several years but probably years of the squirrels hanging on it caused the fastening at the top to break. The lesser spotted woodpeckers, numerous varieties of tits, chaffinchs, green finches, etc, are constantly feeding from it and I have to fill it everyday but it does mean the other feeders don't empty quite as quickly. It is squirrel proof, although they do take the sunflower hearts, they don't damage the metal container.

Customer from Wirral
Date: 21/8/2010
Customers Rating

Easy to clean, hard wearing product good value for money...... cost effective.

James Tucker from Corsham
Date: 29/6/2010
Customers Rating

Tits love the feeder