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Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds

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We only supply top-quality bakery grade sunflower hearts. This is the best bit of the sunflower seed; all the goodness without the debris of the husks, making this seed popular with both humans and birds alike.

Sunflower seeds are a rich source of oil and are very high in protein offering a naturally beneficial food. This particular seed is loved by all varieties of wild bird especially finches and tits. This complete food is totally additive-free and produced from 100% natural ingredients to maintain its 99.9% purity.

Sunflower seeds are one of the most popular bird seeds of all time due to the vast number of birds they attract as well as the high nutritional value. They are available in many forms such as black oil and striped sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts for birds. If you are a bird enthusiast seeking to attract more birds in to your garden, you can't go wrong with some of these seeds as they will attract a wide range of birds such as Thrushes, Bluebirds, Green finches, Mockingbirds as well as Robins.

Out of all these variations, all widely available over the internet, sunflower seed variation is the preferred type of food for many types of birds. They are extremely popular with all kinds of birds. Even the birds that reject un-hulled seeds seem to have a liking for the full or kibbled hearts as they can be eaten by birds with beaks that are too small and too weak to crack the shells. But that is not the only reason for these to be preferred by all these birds. They possess a lot of essential nutrients that birds need. These contains fibre, vitamin B, amino acids and minerals such as iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc.

But not all the benefits of sunflower seeds are just for the birds. The hull of the sunflower seed is often uneaten and tossed to the ground. This is the biggest complaint from bird watchers as sunflower hulls scattered all across the Garden is not an easy mess to clean. When you buy sunflower seeds to feed your feathered visitors, you won't have to worry about cleaning up after them as they will leave the tray and your Garden nice and clean.

When it comes to bird food, Wild Bird Direct is the best place to find the best in the market. Not only will you find the cheapest, but also the highest quality on the internet. They offer are bakery grade and the best you'll find online. The heart of the sunflower seed is where all the nutrition and the goodness can be found. When purchased from Wild Bird Direct, you will only receive the cleanest and best quality and you won't find any damaged, squashed or bad seeds scattered in with the good bits. Our cheap sunflower hearts are all natural and contain no artificial additives. We at Wild Bird Direct believe that the best type of food to attract wild birds are all natural seeds rich with the goodness of nature and free from harmful chemical additives.

Scattering bird food all over the lawn may not be the best way to attract birds as feeding on the ground level could put them on the menu for predators such as cats. In order to make sure that the birds stay off the menu and that the sunflower seeds stay on the menu you may need to take a few precautions. Wild Bird Direct offers you a wide range of bird feeders that can be used for regular as well as kibbled seeds to feed your bird friends. Our range of feeders come in quite a few designs that can be hung on hooks or tree branches to keep the seeds safe from squirrels and the birds safe from cats and other predators that lurk on the ground.

As experts at providing the best and cheapest online, we provide convenience as well as the highest quality bird food. This is why we have packages ranging in weight from 2kg and 6kg all the way up to 20kg and 22kg. For someone who is trying out the seeds for the first time, our 2kg and 6kg packages would be ideal to try them out and decide on further continuation. For our regular buyers, and those seeking to buy in bulk for wholesale prices, our 20kg packages would be perfect.

While it is enjoyable to keep up with your bird watching and making sure your feeder trays are filled, you also need to keep up with your everyday activities and professional obligations. Buying in bulk is the best way to make sure that you don't have to run out to the store to often to keep your supply constantly topped up. We aim to supply quality seeds to customers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a newbie to the art of attracting birds in your garden or if you are a pet store owner who expects to keep costs to a minimum while providing sufficient nourishment to the birds at your store, we are fully capable of providing the most satisfactory service to all. For beginners to bird watching, you will be able to find out the many different types of birds you can attract by serving sunflower seeds while being able to purchase high quality food at unbelievable prices. For pet store owners, our 20kg packages are a great way to keep a ready stock of bird feed at your disposal without exceeding your budget.

We are concerned about the environment and would like to minimize pollution by providing you eco-friendly packaging along with your sunflower hearts bulk purchases.

Customer from Wimborne
Date: 1/3/2016
Customers Rating

Feed seems always to be fresh and well packaged

Customer from Crawley
Date: 28/6/2013
Customers Rating

A good quality product at a competitive price.

David Edwards from Solihull
Date: 27/6/2013
Customers Rating

Good product, well packaged.

Customer from Alloa
Date: 26/6/2013
Customers Rating

Well, the birds certainly seem to like them!

Customer from Verwood
Date: 26/6/2013
Customers Rating

Very popular with all birds!

jackie thomas from amlwch
Date: 25/6/2013
Customers Rating

Best value.

Roy Marshall from Southport
Date: 24/6/2013
Customers Rating

Not quite as plump as others I have bought but still very good value for money and all the birds eat them with no mess left over. A good price

Louis Lawler from Stratford
Date: 24/6/2013
Customers Rating

The seeds are always in good condition and the birds in our garden like them.

Customer from Chadwell Heath
Date: 24/6/2013
Customers Rating

It always goes

Edward Maxwell from United Kingdom
Date: 24/6/2013
Customers Rating

The birds love it!