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Swan and Duck Food

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Wildthings Swan and Duck Food is a small, dry nugget that floats on water, remaining accessible to the birds for longer and helping to prevent the water pollution caused by decaying food. As well as being far more nutritious than bread, it is also extremely tasty and they will love it.

Swans naturally eat water plants and vegetation, insects, frogs, worms, snails and small fish. They have been known to eat potatoes left in the fields after harvest. Although they will happily eat bread and, in small quantities, it is unlikely to do much harm, it provides very little nourishment and will fill them up thus preventing them from seeking out more suitable food. Large quantities of bread have been linked to possible malnutrition and it is better to feed a suitable food such as Wildthings Swan and Duck food.

Most ducks eat a wide variety of foods including shellfish, small crustaceans, insects, snails, grains, seeds and grasses, small frogs and water plants. As with swans, they will readily eat bread but, again, it does not give them much of nutritional value and, because they are full, discourages them from finding better, more nourishing, food. Feeding a more suitable food, such as Wildthings Swan and Duck food, will provide them with a better source of nutrition.

Customer from MELKSHAM
Date: 22/6/2013
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No complaints from my duckies.