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Superior Wild Bird Food - Husk Free (with Fruit)

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5 out of 5

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Superior wild bird mix is low-wheat and has added fruit. A good all-round feed for garden birds, it is husk-free for easier eating. This mix is enhanced with fruit, making it popular with blackbirds, thrushes & softbills.

canary seed, milo, millet, sunflower hearts, naked oats, dried fruit and aniseed.

Julie Roberts from Erith
Date: 8/7/2013
Customers Rating

All the birds love it, especially the blackbirds

Customer from Gateshead
Date: 1/7/2013
Customers Rating

Good all round food

Customer from Falkirk
Date: 29/6/2013
Customers Rating

Couldn't fault it as everything is being eaten.

Gwynn Cowper from Chester
Date: 28/6/2013
Customers Rating

clean, no mess seed with the blackbirds much loved sultanas mixed in

Customer from Doncaster
Date: 27/6/2013
Customers Rating

Nothing wasted.

Customer from Bedworth
Date: 25/6/2013
Customers Rating

Seems to be all too popular with the birds!

Customer from Frizington
Date: 24/6/2013
Customers Rating

I think this bird food is good because since I have used it I have been getting a lot more birds than I did with my other shop bought food and it is cheaper getting it in big bags and it is good value for money.

Customer from hull
Date: 24/6/2013
Customers Rating

this product is great because it leaves no mess on the garden because it is eaten up immediately

Customer from Wimbledon Park
Date: 24/6/2013
Customers Rating

Not all seeds are eaten so there is a fair amount that end up on the ground

Elaine Butler from Wickenby
Date: 24/6/2013
Customers Rating

The birds certainly like it - they're eating me out of house & home!