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Bat Box

Item Code: 63017
Material: Wood


The perfect home for bats, if your trying to encourage bats this is a great example of a perfect bat home.

Ideally bat boxes need to be sited in a south-facing direction on trees, but walls or posts at least 5 M (15 feet) high will also be used, but they must be clear of overhanging branches or wires making flying access easy for them.

Place boxes as high as possible in sheltered or wind- free areas exposed to the sun for several hours per day. It is often suggested that up to three boxes per tree is suitable for a project, but just singles can be used. Woodland rides and glades are ideal, particularly if situated close to a marsh or river valley.

Bats and their roosts are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, so it is an offence in the U.K. for members of the public to disturb, handle or kill bats. An appropriate license must be acquired.